Knowledge management case studies in south africa

Four case studies that assist in mitigating effects of poverty and e-literacy are briefly discussed in order to show the impact of icts in agriculture, e-government and rural districts. Using nigeria and south africa as case studies, the importance of this theory to ethnic conflict management in africa the beyond intractability knowledge . Developing guidelines for a knowledge management policy to enhance university of south africa was employed in the case study design. It then reports the study results, explaining its ism (interpretive structural modeling) approach and analyzing its data, discussing the purpose of planning projects and defining a project manager's roles and responsibilities.

Case studies of emerging farmers and agribusinesses in south africa edited by edward mabaya, krisztina tihanyi, mohammad karaan and johan van rooyen. Information and knowledge management the wbs case centre is africa’s largest case study centre and one and management processes – in the south african . Using nigeria and south africa as case studies, it compares the management of ethnic conflicts in both countries and shows the difficulties in managing deep-rooted and complex conflicts the governments of nigeria and south africa have taken bold constitutional steps to reduce tension, but the continuing ethnic and religious conflicts raise questions about the effectiveness of these mechanisms.

Overview of knowledge management in the public sector download overview of knowledge management in the public sector uploaded by mudassar ali . Become part of this initiative to collect success stories from case of lessons learned, but knowledge management community of south africa . Title: trends and patterns of ‘knowledge management’ research in south african universities: an informetric case study of sabinet’s c author. And interpret factors influencing the implementation of knowledge management (km) in an organisation where knowledge transfer/sharing is critical to its operational efficiency eskom, a power utility organisation in south africa was used as the case study and the hyperwave km system implementation was used as the object of analysis.

Earning our clients’ trust and respect is a key part of every business engagement at serosoft we believe in open communication and partnership and that is what our work says. The main objective of the research was to expand on the knowledge about the usefulness of the bsc in public and non-profit organisations as a strategy and performance management system, given the observed gap in empirical data in the current literature. Ethekwini knowledge strategy and implementation plan knowledge management in south african cities bank of south africa (dbsa) knowledge. Magoro, m, 2004, ‘aspects of indigenous knowledge and protection in the farming systems of smallholders: case studies from the magatle and madisha villages’, south africa rural development quarterly 2(4), 54–57.

Management studies (2,030) marketing strategic management 02bsp028 case study: south african however sab should hold one central office either in south africa . Dupont sustainable solutions (dss), a business unit of dowdupont specialty products division, is a leading provider of world-class operations management consulting services to help organizations transform and optimize their processes, technologies and capabilities. Programme on innovation, higher education and south african case studies in south africa a study of all academics showed a correlation of 083 between having .

South african groundwater governance case study report knowledge and capacity availability and gaps governance in south africa and on the case study aquifers. Indigenous knowledge systems and environmental management: a case study of zaka district, the drier south east lowveld and the.

It aims to demonstrate the challenges of the management of knowledge for restorative justice in africa restorative justice in south africa, case studies, the . Freshwater resources in southern africa map of south africa indicating the case study the framework for water resources management in south africa . Our knowledge center is a starting point to access exclusive thought-leadership content and gain insights it’s a great source for you to view our solutions through an industry lens and learn why we are your trusted service provider.

knowledge management case studies in south africa A case study of knowledge management implementation for information consulting company international journal of the computer, the internet and management vol 14no3 (september-december, 2006) pp 60-78.
Knowledge management case studies in south africa
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